This Miami-based brand incubator fund is the brainchild of two renowned serial entrepreneurs and investment experts specializing in the Health & Wellness industry. Investing in early stage companies, Strategic Brand Investments is driven by a mission to create and bring to the marketplace authentic, iconic brands that actively promote health.


Passionate about non-toxic products with high quality, natural ingredients, flawless packaging and powerful branding, we are experienced operators with a uniquely entrepreneurial insight and a proven track record in luxury consumer goods and retail. (Over the past 20 years, our portfolio of brands has generated over $1 billion in combined revenues). 


Our seed capital, combined with our unique management guidance, helps our partners avoid many of the stumbling blocks that entrepreneurs typically face and sets them on the path to rapid growth.




CosMedical Technologies, LLC is a leader in the manufacturing of high-quality dermatologist formulated skin care. Our clients are licensed dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical spas to whom we offer turn key, low volume private label product capabilities. 


The Art of Shaving has created an innovative path to optimal shaving performance, The 4 Elements of The Perfect Shave® - Prepare Lather Up!... Shave...and Moisturize.

The Art of Shaving products are aromatherapy based, formulated with the highest quality botanical ingredients and 100% pure essential oils.

* The Art of Shaving was acquired by Gillette/P&G in 2009


Ingredients® creates toxin-free daily essentials formulated with organic, plant-based ingredients,
in high concentrations to deliver optimal benefits.


We’re obsessive about everything that goes into our products. So much so, that we named our company after what’s inside—Ingredients®. And, we placed these ingredients directly on the front of our packaging.


As a dermatologist, Dr Loretta’s passion is helping women feel confident as they age.

Dr Loretta’s products combine high concentrations of medical grade actives, aromatherapy and botanical ingredients to keep your skin unexposed to these external factors, ensuring healthier, more youthful skin.






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